2Creatives Media is a unique company with its main focus on providing digital solutions for all devices and platforms.

Using specific platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager, Realview, Twixl and others, we are reinventing content distribution and empowering organizations through web, mobile app, and cloud technologies.

We started over 5 years ago, motivated by the ability to offer the best “Digital Publishing Solutions” to some of Indonesia’s most prominent companies. We specialized in moving traditional media, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, books, and corporate collaterals into online distribution. From there, we have expanded our expertise in other mobile solutions, including Augmented Reality, mobile commerce, and more. We have a deep understanding on different digital channels that include Web, Mobile, E-Reader, RSS, and Podcast. Our goal is simple: our products are designed to produce the best mobile content experience; anywhere, anytime, and at any device.

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